Good For You

Good For You: Pompano Fish Swimming UnderwaterOceanus Seafood makes every effort to provide our customers with the best quality fish at the most affordable price. Oceanus has been an agent of change to the aquaculture industry which has resulted in a top quality fish and seafood that is delicious, desired, affordable, consistent, and above sushi quality. 91% of all of the seafood in the United States is imported; less than 1% of imported seafood is inspected when entering the US. At Oceanus, our fish are domestic, farm raised, clean and organic. Oceanus seafood will make your dining experience pleasurable to your palate. Even better, our seafood does not contain antibiotics, PCB’s, contaminants, pesticides or mercury that regularly occurs in much of today’s seafood on the market.

Good For You: Pompano Fish Filets on Cutting Board with Lettuce and Red Pepper FlakesTo maintain the highest quality and freshness of our fish, we utilize an exclusive and humane process called, Ikejime. This is a process that originated in Japan and is considered the most humane way of preparing fresh fish. Ikejime preserves the naturally occurring Adenosine triphosphate that, when depleted after a fish dies, allows for the production of lactic acid in the muscles. When this lactic acid is produced, the fish takes on a sour flavor. Ikejime not only prevents the sour flavor, but also causes the blood from the fish to withdraw into the gut – enhancing the flavor of the fish and allowing the fillet to maintain its natural color.

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