Good For The Sea

Oceanus takes care of the sea by reducing the carbon footprint other industries create. TheGood For The Sea: Hands Holding Soil and Seedling steady supply of fresh fish has declined since the 1980’s, while the demand increases every year. Despite how vast the ocean is, the supply of fish can’t keep up with the ever-growing demand. Over-fishing continues to further destroy the ecological balance of aquatic life. In addition, pollution from boats, other industries and competitors has made obtaining safe, fresh-fish from the ocean, nearly impossible. Many vessels and competitors utilize various nets in the environment, which not only pick up fish, but often other unintended marine life, such as endangered sea turtles. According to a report from the World Wildlife Fund done back in 2005, fishing nets kill nearly 1,000 marine mammals, like dolphins and propoises per day.

Good For The Sea: Sea Turtle Swimming UnderwaterAt Oceanus Seafood, we strive to eliminate these unnecessary casualties. Through our innovative technology, we grow and harvest locally in a land-based system. Our waste and water is recycled and never leaves our facility. Since we produce our own fish, we eliminate the need to send fishing boats out into the environment. At present, we produce one of the finest quality “organic” fish on the market today – Tripletail.

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