About Oceanus Seafood

Oceanus Seafood Team In Our HatcheryOceanus Seafood is sustainable, pollutant free and eco-friendly. Last year over 90% of ALL seafood eaten in this country was imported, and all too often this fish was coming from countries where food safety, quality and mislabeling are real concerns.  Ironically, nearly half of fresher and safer locally produced seafood are shipped abroad often to the very same countries. Oceanus Seafood is dedicated to reversing this problematic imbalance.

Oceanus Seafood uses the most advanced technologies to produce the highest quality seafood in a non-polluting and environmentally sustainable way. Oceanus Seafood is the only facility of its kind growing ocean fish from a land based facility. In this way, the typical drawbacks of old fashioned net-pen operations, such as polluting the nearby ecosystems, or using drugs and antibiotics to combat disease are not an issue.

All Oceanus Seafood is sashimi-grade and is cultured without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, pigments, and are not genetically modified in any way.  Additionally, Oceanus Seafood is more healthy than wild, because it is free of toxins such as mercury and PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, that accumulate in wild stocks of fish.

Oceanus Seafood Team In Our Hatchery

Mission Statement

At Oceanus Seafood, our mission is to provide the finest quality sustainable seafood in an eco-friendly way. We share our consumer’s passion for domestically produced premium seafood. Oceanus is a responsibly managed fish farm that strives to maintain a healthy, safe environment at our facilities and provide the highest customer satisfaction.

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